How do you select your campsites villages Les Pieds dans l'Eau?

Our selected campsites must all have direct access to the water: sea, lake or river.
They must match the expected quality in their category: 2, 3, 4 or 5 stars.
We do not have a specific list of criteria, each camping will be different from another one and with its own identity, its charm, its own assets ... The only common point between the establishments is the direct access to the water and to share their privileged situation and the pleasures provided by water ...

Campsites on the lake or river, the establishments must offer activities such as canoeing, fishing or beach

How to book a campsite Les Pieds dans l'Eau ?

Different options are available :

  • Book directly at the campsite Les Pieds dans l'Eau (you will find on its page all its contact information, telephone etc.).
  • You can also book online at most campsites  with che click button BOOKING. You will know the availabilities and will be able to finalize your reservation in real time. This is in any case always managed directly by the campsite itself which confirms your booking by email.
  • Some of our campsites are " on demand". Do not hesitate to contact them via the forms, they will send you all the necessary information to confirm your stay.
  • You can also contact our sales department who will be able to help you in your booking process so that your stay in camping seaside, lake or river will be a pleasant experience meets all your expectations .




The Les Pieds dans l'Eau gift-voucher worth 50 to 100 Euro, give you the possibility of offering stays that beneficiaries can use as they like in all "Les Pieds dans l'Eau" hotels and campsites during the current year in France or, for foreign countries, with our travel department ...

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